High Sugar Intake Linked to Increased Pain

High Sugar Intake Linked to Increased PainA diet high in sugar has never been advocated by any nutritionist or physician. Diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and as a result of these nerve damage, heart disease, and more can ensue. But what clinicians never knew before is that too much sugar can also lead to a low level of chronic inflammation, which can make chronic pain worse. Those who have joint pain such as osteoarthritis will find that a high level of glucose increases the pain associated with their condition according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. One-third of adults over 65 suffer from osteoarthritis. Those with this or another form of arthritis should do anything they can to avoid inflammation within the body, including limiting their sugar consumption. Obesity is another aspect. It puts extra weight on the joints, which in turn causes more pain. In fact, just losing a few pounds can make a significant difference in how much pain you feel.
Excessive sugar intake was also linked to other maladies. In a study published in the journal Neuroscience too much sugar was linked with decreased brain function by lowering the presence of a substance called, “brain-derived neurotrophic factor.” Another study published in JAMA found too much sugar decreased the function of the heart muscle. This can cause heart failure in extreme cases. Other health problems linked with a diet high in sugar include fatty liver disease, kidney disease, prematurely aged skin, and even erectile dysfunction. Experts say to gradually lower the amount of sugar you consume. Cut down on the number of sweets you eat each week. Try putting one less teaspoon or even a half less teaspoon in your morning coffee. Over time, you will get used to the taste, and won’t even miss the extra sugar. Replace sugary drinks with sugar free alternatives. Instead of buying soda for instance, try iced tea without sugar and add just a little of your own. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruit, raw veggies, or humus and baked pita chips. If you suffer from chronic pain talk to a doctor or specialist to see what other changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle, and what additional therapies may provide you with relief.


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