Things You Can Do to Help Manage Chronic Pain

Things You Can Do to Help Manage Chronic PainAcute pain is the short-term variety usually acquired after an accident, infection, or surgery. But chronic pain is generally the kind that accompanies a certain condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, the kind that pop up periodically such as migraines, or the kind that languishes even after an injury or wounds from surgery have healed. Usually there are different therapies your doctor will put you through some pharmacological such as painkillers, others non-pharmacological such as physical therapy, TENS, lifestyle changes, and more. But there are things you can do personally to help manage chronic pain. First, find out what your triggers are. Is it a certain kind of weather? Do you feel worse when you eat certain foods? Once you know them, learn how to avoid them. Our emotional state either dampen or increase pain. Many chronic pain sufferers struggle with anxiety or depression. Manage these conditions and it will help relieve your pain. Try talk therapy, journaling, anger management, meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and more.
Keep a pain journal. This is not only a great outlet for negative emotions, it can help reveal patterns about your pain that perhaps were not evident before. Rate your pain three times per day. Use a zero to 10 scale. Also, jot down how you are feeling at that time. Patterns may emerge that can help you manage your pain. Focus on the parts of your body that are not in pain. Find helpful ways to distract yourself. An engrossing activity or a long chat with a friend can help. Don’t let the pain overwhelm you. Take an active approach to soothe yourself. If you suffer from chronic pain and you haven’t seen a doctor, reach out to a physician or specialist in your area. The longer you ignore it, the more entrenched it will become. If your pain is not being properly managed, get a second opinion or find a specialist to get it under control, so you can start living the life you want.


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